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Four notable UFO sightings in Wisconsin to learn about

Whether or not you need to imagine, or now not, Wisconsin has a historical past of UFO sightings and extraordinary occurrences. If truth be told, we rank 21st within the nation for many reported UFO sightings.

Whilst we do get a large number of reviews, it might be as a result of such a lot of investigators are gathering them, or most likely as a result of Wisconsinites are extra relaxed reporting sightings consistent with paranormal researcher and writer Chad Lewis.

Lewis used to be featured in an article about UFOs and paranormal sizzling spots in Wisconsin for this month’s Milwaukee Mag. He shared 4 main sightings in Wisconsin you almost certainly did not find out about:

  • Sightings around the Midwest, overdue 1900s

In line with Lewis, folks of downtown Milwaukee reported seeing huge, fast transferring, unknown items in 1896 and 1897. Other folks may then practice the airships town to town via studying newspapers that lined it from Milwaukee to Chicago.


Picture via Aliza Baran

Paranormal researcher Chad Lewis

“In 1896 and 1897 the U.S. had the most important UFO flap in The united states’s historical past,” says Lewis. “1000’s of folks in loads of Midwestern towns noticed those massive airships, as they have been referred to as, and the folk of Milwaukee have been no other. “

“It wasn’t as even though someone used to be flying a kite, or a misidentification of a celeb or a planet, or an embellishment or a hoax,” Lewis says. “There used to be one thing there, however what it used to be, no person may agree upon it.”

  • 1947 Mount Rainier Sighting

Whilst the sighting of 9 saucer-shaped items came about in Washington state, Lewis says this match influenced fashionable ideas of UFOs for folks in Wisconsin and across the nation.

“The Kenneth Arnold sighting truly set the UFO box on hearth. One, we were given the time period ‘flying saucer’ from it, but additionally right here used to be this credible, skilled observer, a pilot speaking about what he noticed in technical phrases, clinical phrases of pace, distance, and estimates,” Lewis says. “And I feel it gave most people a large trust that perhaps there is something to this.”

  • Lake Awesome Sightings, Nineteen Sixties & 70s

A couple of sightings of UFOs close to Lake Awesome induced the usGovernment to ship jets from a close-by airbase to chase after items noticed over the lake.

“It is sensible that if these items really are unidentified flying items or unidentified aerial phenomena, you can assume that the [Department of] Protection want to know what they’re — whether or not they are hoaxes or competing international locations with their era, or one thing now not of this international,” says Lewis. Then again, he thinks that investigating a sighting does not essentially give it credibility. “If truth be told, most of the people would say you will have to be taking a look into it to come to a decision what is actual and what is now not,” says Lewis.

  • 1961 Eagle River Sighting

This interplay between an plane filled with extraterrestrial beings and Joe Simonton, part-time plumber and rooster farmer, could also be one of the most most unearthly encounters you’ll be able to ever listen about.
In line with Lewis, Simonton used to be having a overdue breakfast when he noticed a craft descend into his backyard and made up our minds to analyze.

“And when he were given there, a gap gave the impression at the craft and one of the most population — the pilot, the alien, the person, no matter it used to be — got here to the entrance and Simonton may see a few similar taking a look creatures or folks within,” Lewis explains.

Simonton described the extraterrestrial beings as being very small — darkish haired, dark-eyed, darkish pores and skin. One had a jug, and Simonton learned via non-verbal communique that they wanted water. He stuffed up their water jug, and so they in flip traded “saucer desserts” that that they had cooked. “It seems that, the saucer desserts have been the worst tasting pancake he’d ever had,” says Lewis.

The craft closed up and flew off, however as soon as Simonton reported the incident, hundreds of folks descended on his farm to take a look on the belongings and the pancakes, and it even stuck the eye of Project Blue Book for additional investigation.

UFOs aren’t all that unusual for Wisconsin. If truth be told, Lewis says the sheer weirdness of Wisconsin reviews vary from sightings of vampires, to Bigfoot and sea serpents.

“Now we have the whole lot right here in Wisconsin,” Lewis says. “It truly could be very ordinary that we’ve got such an collection of oddities in our state.”