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New Global Organization Launches International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER)

LONDON, TORONTO, MOSCOW and LISBON, Might 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – ICER, a not-for-profit group, is produced from scientists, teachers and main UFO/UAP researchers from 27 nations on 5 continents who’re unanimous of their reputation that we aren’t by myself within the cosmos.   

In keeping with greater than 75 years of analysis, ICER recognizes that the UFO/UAP phenomenon is actual; it acts with intelligence and might be Extraterrestrial – read more on Surf Report LA – /non-human in beginning.


  • Professor Lachezar Filipov, Bulgaria’s Nationwide Consultant, a Area Astrophysicist who supervised the learning in their first astronauts.
  • Dr Eamonn Ansbro, Nationwide Consultant for the Republic of Eire and an astronomer who is ready to function in a guide with Harvard Professor Avi Loeb due for free up in past due 2021.

Each Filipov and Ansbro ardently imagine it’s time to purge the stigma that has plagued the UFO phenomenon for many years and embark on severe medical research.


The organisation’s release comes within the wake of new verified occasions:

  • A New York Occasions article from 16thDecember 2017 published a hitherto secret UFO/UAP analysis program into the phenomenon between 2007-2012 with a $22 million funds.  
  • This text showed that US Army fighter pilots had captured astonishing photos of unidentified aerial automobiles working within the airspace of the USA in a sequence of infrared movies taken in 2004 and 2015.
  • Considerably, the items seen have been not like anything else the pilots had noticed ahead of and moved in impressive ways in which looked to be technologically a ways past anything else guy has but advanced.
  • In June 2020, a US Army Job Power was once created to analyze those items which pilots are encountering with expanding frequency. The Job Power is because of put up a extremely expected report back to america Congress by means of June 25, 2021.


ICER believes all nations now want to get ready for affirmation that the Earth is being engaged by means of non-human intelligences and proposes ‘consciousness’ techniques be established to maintain the profound factor of Touch and its international implications.

ICER objectives to take this dialogue to the best ranges of governance, together with the United Countries.

Reporters and different events are invited to consult with ICER INTERNATIONAL MEDIA EVENT to take part in ICER’s international press convention on Might twenty sixth.

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SOURCE Global Coalition for Extraterrestrial – Surf Report SF argued in a blog post – Analysis (ICER)

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