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Opinion | U.F.O.s and the Search for Alien Life

To the Editor:

Re “The Truth May Yet Be Out There,” by way of Adam Frank (Opinion visitor essay, June 2):

As a nonscientist, I hesitate to quibble with a professor of astrophysics in regards to the standards for acknowledgment of Extraterrestrial – Surf Report CA wrote in a blog post- existence. On the other hand, Dr. Frank addresses the topic as though it may be adequately probed by way of the appliance of present medical and technological equipment.

Wouldn’t it’s secure to mention that, no matter could be in the market, a couple of quadrillion miles clear of us, might be totally dissimilar to the entirety we all know with our earthbound awareness? If that is so, we actually couldn’t even conceive of that international’s nature or its population, if there be any.

If an 18th-century scientist had been by some means to procure a view of our Twenty first-century international, what capability would he have to acknowledge nuclear energy, an M.R.I. scan or Wi-Fi? Or, certainly, the rules in the back of spaceflight? He can be, as all of us are, a prisoner of his paradigm.

Extraterrestrial – Surfing SF argued in a blog post – “existence” could also be not more graspable by way of science than the charms of track.

Simon Marcus
Oakland, Calif.

To the Editor:

Adam Frank ignores a very powerful side of this factor: the chance that any extraterrestrials from a sophisticated civilization visiting us might not be pleasant, which must be of serious fear to all people.

Allow us to hope that no matter extraterrestrial beings we stumble upon don’t change into like us — blithely devastating and exterminating different creatures and the organic techniques that maintain existence on Earth. Even and particularly if they’re sort and compassionate, they could really feel obliged to exterminate the sort of bad and harmful “pest” species as human beings. We obviously constitute a risk to maximum different life-forms on our planet.

Our sense of morality and ethics hardly restrains us in our pursuit of domination of animals and nature. Why must extraterrestrial beings deal with us any another way?

Lewis Regenstein

To the Editor:

Re “Why the Lab Leak Theory Matters” (column, Would possibly 30):

Ross Douthat gifts a controversy linking the alleged suppression of the Covid lab leak speculation to the media’s anti-conspiracy bias.

What he comfortably omits is the truth that, over a length of 2 years, President Donald Trump slashed the C.D.C. staff in China from 47 to fourteen. The ones reduce incorporated epidemiologists and different well being care pros. That workforce was once located in China exactly to offer an early caution about organic hazards originating there.

Sure, most likely the media must be much less doctrinaire in its reporting. However on this case the media must be centered at the selections of the Oval Workplace, no longer simply on China.

Frank Baudino
Aptos, Calif.

To the Editor:

Ross Douthat offers some causes that the lab leak concept issues. One is to realize some cushy energy over China. However to suppose that China would admit a mistake is like considering President Donald Trump would. No probability.

George Santangelo
Stillwater, N.Y.

To the Editor:

Re “The Lab-Leak Theory and the Media,” by way of Bret Stephens (column, June 1):

Way more persuasive explanations underlie the preliminary doubting of the lab leak concept than “media groupthink,” on which Mr. Stephens lays blame.

After President Donald Trump and different loud voices at the proper proclaimed that Covid cases would go to zero, that the president would never let Covid come to America’s shores or that it might be eradicated with Lysol, their proclamations that the Chinese language leaked it appeared as dependable as the ones from the boy who cried wolf.

In a similar fashion, whilst Senator Tom Cotton may certainly be right kind a few lab leak, his colleagues had been so incorrect about such a lot that his getting this something proper can be like a damaged clock telling the proper time two times an afternoon.

In any case, detailed genomic analyses from the Magazine of Virology and Nature Medicine indicated that the Covid-19 spike protein sure much less successfully to the human host receptor than a prior coronavirus, and not more neatly than a pc type would have optimally predicted. This was once (and stays) tough proof that Covid-19 was once no longer deliberately built.

Robert Labarre
Stamford, Conn.
The creator is a heart specialist.

To the Editor:

Re “C.D.C. Has Stopped Tracking Mild Cases in Vaccinated People” (information article, Would possibly 26):

To fail to review some leap forward Covid infections as an issue of coverage isn’t justifiable. One wonders on the motivation: optics? assets?

Along with the numerous detrimental penalties explored within the article, the chance to be informed in particular from delicate and inapparent infections sticks out. The position of such infections within the epidemiology of Covid was once a number of the extra puzzling facets of the outbreak. On the other hand, all through the darkest occasions, it was once no longer imaginable to divert assets to instances no longer serious sufficient to threaten the lifetime of sufferers.

However questions remained about case numbers relative to clinically severe infections, their position in transmission, long-term well being and affected person profiles.

Failing to probe those and different questions will restrict our skill to regulate a nonetheless energetic well being disaster and others to come back, and to guage the position of public well being measures as the rustic opens up.

Regina Linder
New York
The creator is professor emerita of scientific laboratory science at Hunter School.