the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Surfers

The MN Police Deputy Who Hit a UFO (Maybe?)

It’s August 1979. And it’s past due—just about 2 am. Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy Val Johnson is on regimen patrol on Freeway 220 close to Warren when he spots what he later describes as a “very vibrant, good mild” floating a couple of toes off the bottom. He does what, er, any individual in that state of affairs would do: drives without delay at it. 

More or less half-hour later, he wakes up within the ditch. His Ford cruiser’s windshield is smashed, as is a headlight; his watch and the cruiser’s clock are each 14 mins sluggish; his eyes are surrounded with burns; and he’ll ceaselessly be referred to as the cop who hit a UFO.

Smartly, that or, perhaps much more likely in many years since, the cop who went loopy and thinks he noticed a UFO—a hero to alien aficionados, a sideshow to others. 

This is, till now. Because of the Pentagon throwing many years of statements on the contrary underneath the bus this spring by means of all of sudden declassifying the truth that they know and feature recognized for many years that unidentified flying gadgets (unidentified aerial phenomena, as they name them) exist. A Army job power file finds that Army pilots and various army and executive team of workers had been reporting unexplainable flying gadgets for many years, together with 144 credible sightings between 2004 and 2021. 

This may additionally again up the just about 1,500 UFO sightings in Minnesota crowdsourced by means of the Nationwide UFO Reporting Heart over the last 15 years, together with 20 and counting already in 2021. 

Simply don’t pass considering any of that is evidence that extraterrestrial beings exist. The Army job power file says that whilst it doesn’t know what the thriller gadgets are, there “aren’t any transparent indications that there’s any non-terrestrial rationalization” for them. 

It’s like Val Johnson says of his come upon.

“I noticed a ball of sunshine,” Johnson says. “I drove towards it, and all of sudden it was once within the automotive with me. It’s unexplainable and can stay so. I’m proud of my psychological steadiness.”