the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Surfers

This man ran the Pentagon’s secretive UFO programme for a decade. We had some questions

My private opinion, which I hardly give as a result of I haven’t any approach to substantiate this, [is] there have been sufficient other folks at the within that stated, “Glance, he was once briefing the senior brass and you wish to have to watch out as a result of if you happen to squeeze Lue too onerous, you’re gonna have very, very senior other folks come to his defence.”

To your interviews, you have a tendency to emphasize the interdimensional speculation that UAPs may not be from “outer area” however from some other size. Do you assume that the Extraterrestrial – Surfing CA wrote in a blog post- speculation is even most likely?

I feel it’s simply as most likely as one thing this is interdimensional. I additionally assume it’s conceivable that it’s one thing that has been on Earth for a long time.

However you don’t have information that has specifically led you to assume it might be interdimensional?

There’s knowledge that each helps and negates that. What we do know is there’s a correlation with [UAPs being near or emerging from] water after which there’s additionally a correlation towards [UAPs appearing near] nuclear generation. 

What’s your principle in regards to the water correlation?

May well be so simple as a gas forestall. Should you sought after to warp area time, there’s simplest two techniques to do it: a lot of power or a lot of mass. So if you happen to sought after to mine one thing for its power, you could get started with hydrogen, as it’s a easy part. Despite the fact that hydrogen is plentiful within the universe, it’s discovered basically in a gaseous state, which makes it onerous as a result of it will take you 100 years to mine a nebula cloud sufficiently to make use of it as gas. There is just one form of hydrogen configuration this is tremendous dense that’s discovered within the universe and that’s liquid water. So in a reasonably small period of time you’ll be able to mine sufficient hydrogen to do no matter you wish to have to do with actually a bucket of water.

Let’s speak about crash retrievals and particles. Do you consider we now have recovered a craft?

I’ve been informed I need to be very cautious how I resolution this query. It’s not that i am allowed to expound upon the rest I’ve already stated. What I’ve stated is that it’s my opinion, my trust – a robust trust, trace, trace – that the United States govt is in ownership of unique subject matter related to UAPs. This is all I’m allowed to mention.

Do you consider natural subject or beings were recovered?

I’m respectfully going to go on that query. There’s a pair questions that I’m in point of fact now not at liberty to talk about. That’s one in all them.

Do you consider those ships could also be manned? 

They’re intelligently managed, needless to say, as a result of they’re responding and reacting to our movements. This is for sure. They’re completely intelligently managed by way of one thing.

Is it your opinion that they’re extra like drones or do you assume they’ve were given issues within them?

I believe they have got issues within them.

Why do you assume they appear concerned about army websites, nuclear websites specifically?

I’ve were given some very particular theories. Nuclear generation is a gateway to figuring out unlocking the atom. And if you do this, you could have a doubtlessly endless provide of power. It would rather well be that we’re a violent species this is at the cusp of figuring out space-time and now not going to be caught in our little cage. And which may be an issue for a complicated species. As a result of, , we aren’t essentially very non violent to one another.

What’s the consensus round how this stuff fly?